Myron Baker was in a funk, his wife of thirty nine years had just passed away a month ago, and he was still feeling her loss. They had always talked about moving to Arizona after they retired, but he could never go back there now, the memories of vacations with Lucille were just to painful to relive. No, he would move to Florida, they had a lot of nice retirement communities down there, and even though it was more humid than Arizona, it was still a lot warmer than his home state of Michigan! He also had made another decision, he was going to sell his tool and die business that he had run personally for over forty years. After the unexpected passing of his wife, he realized that time was a very precious commodity, and that from this day forward he wasn't going to waste even one minute of it!!!

"I wish 'Cille coulda seen this," Myron thought to himself as he sunned himself next to the Olympic size swimming pool at the Sol Vista Retirement Village just outside of Miami Beach. After only two weeks he had met a lot of nice people and incredibly, he had to admit he was having a pretty good time! He was almost dozed off when a high pitched feminine voice asked, "Is this lounge chair taken!?!" Startled by the interruption, Myron opened his eyes into the bright sunlight and squinted as he tried to make out who was standing in front of him! "Well," asked the impatient voice, "is it taken or not!?!" "Uh, no," he stammered, "sure, go ahead and use it, I'm here by myself!" "Thanks," she replied while arranging her towel and then lying down, I'm Minnie Cohn, and your........" "Uh, Myron, Myron Baker, glad to meet you, is it Mrs. Cohn," he asked? "Was," she replied, "I lost Stu over a year ago, moved down here to get away from all that, what about you Myron, you married!?!" I lost my wife six months ago," he responded, "same as you, moved here to get away from it all!!!" She stuck her hand out and said, "Well, Myron, glad to meet ya!!!" For the next two hours they regaled each other with the stories of their lives, the laughing, crying, and sighing, it was all there, for each of them it was like a catharsis, it was just good to be able to actually tell someone how the other felt!!! At four o'clock Myron noticed his watch and said, "I've got to run a few errands, but if you're free, I'd like to take you out to dinner!" "Well," Minnie replied, "I'll have to check my busy schedule, just kidding she said with a laugh, sure, dinner would be nice, it's a date!!!" As Myron drove down the street, he couldn't get Minnie Cohn out of his mind, and the last thing she had said, "it's a date", made him shiver a little thinking about that, he hadn't been on a date in over thirty nine years!!!

They ate, they drank, they danced, it was a wonderful evening, Myron was attracted to this fire cracker from New York, and he felt that she liked him too. As they pulled into his parking space back at the Village, as everyone around here called it, Minnie reached out and placed her hand on his thigh and said softly, "Why don't you come up for some coffee?!?" Myron sat on sofa while Minnie warmed up a fresh pot, and even though he was sixty four years old, he was as nervous as a sixteen year old on his first date!!! "Here we are," she said, while handing him a steaming cup and sitting down next to him on the sofa, "I had a great time tonight, Myron!" "Me too, Minnie," he replied, "I haven't danced like that in a long time, I'm surprised I even remembered how to do it!!!" Minnie set her cup down on the coffee table and turned to Myron, and in all seriousness asked, "Has it been a long time since you've done "other" things, too!!!" He didn't get her drift for a second, but when he did, he stammered, "Uh, well, it's been a long time, yes, what about you, Minnie?!?" "Much too long, Myron, but I think that that is about to change!!!" With his coffee cup still between them, Minnie leaned over and gave Myron a soft kiss that seemed to last for ever! When she finally pulled away, there were two hearts that were beating a mile a minute, and two smiles that told the whole story!!!

It was strange and wonderful watching Minnie undress, in over forty years, he had only seen his wife, but here he was seeing a new partner for the first time, and it was in fact very arousing!!! "I'm not gonna do this alone," she said softly, "don't you think you should take yours off too!" "Uh, yeah, right," he stammered, while undoing his belt and letting his trousers drop to the floor around his ankles! As he had been staring at her, she watched in fascination as he finally slipped off his boxers, and when his erection popped into view she sighed, "Oh, Myron, it's very nice!" They met each other in the middle of the room and embraced, while kissing each other for the second time that evening, but this time with more passion!!! Myron's penis pushed against Minnie's soft belly, while her large breasts squished softly against his chest! "Come on," she whispered, while leading him by his erection to her bed, "it's time!!!" Her mouth engulfed him, and he groaned out loud as she gently licked and sucked his cock head like it was a rare piece of art!!! Between sucks, she panted, "I haven't had a man in my mouth since my husband died, and I'd forgotten how good it can taste!!!" "Oh, god, Minnie," he sighed, "you do that so well, I never thought this could happen to me again!!!" "Do you want to cum in my mouth," she whispered?!? "I do," he replied, "but I want you in my mouth when I do it!!!" "Oh, yes," she responded, and quick as a cat, spun around and lowered her dripping pussy onto his mouth while sticking his member back into her hungry mouth!!! Both of them moaned as they each pleasured the other's genitals, and luxuriating in the wonderful sensation of being orally satisfied while sucking on the others genitals!!!

Neither one of them wanted to rush it, it felt too good to go to fast!!! Even though she wanted to grind her pussy into Myron's open mouth, she kept it just off of his lips so he could gently tongue and probe her open slit! In an almost teasing fashion, he would let his tongue caress her bulging lips up and down her crack, while occasionally flicking over her erect clitoris! The slowness of his licking was slowly but surely driving her right up the wall!!! She on the other hand, was giving the head of his penis tiny little kisses and licks, keeping him right on the edge of the precipice, but not letting him go over it!!! The fury growing inside of her vagina had now built past the point of no return, and while only a few seconds ago she was in complete control of the situation, now her clit had taken over her actions!!! Almost involuntarily she forced her cunt hard onto his mouth, grinding her clit all over his lips in a desperate attempt to bring herself to orgasm while at the same time, her own mouth swallowed up his erection whole, wantonly urging him to ejaculate down her throat!!! Both of them were now on automatic pilot, urging the other with their insistent tongues to climax into their mouths!!!

It was hard to concentrate on what you were doing, on one hand your mouth was full of an excited sex organ, but on the other hand, your own genitals being sucked to ecstasy!!! It was Myron who gave it up first, but it was not without warning, as seconds before his orgasm he groaned hard into Minnie's drooling pussy!!! God she was hungry for it, a load of cum in her mouth, it had been so long!!! The first blast hit the back of her throat causing her to temporarily gag, but she quickly rebounded and sucked down the following spurts with ease!!! Her pussy, now running on the ragged edge of climax, wrenched hard as her mouth became the repository for his torrent of sperm!!!

She rolled off of him, with both of them panting quietly, reveling aura of sweet love making!!! "Minnie," he said softly while rubbing her thigh, "I never believed in love at first sight, but I truly believe in it now!!!" With her hand finding his penis and caressing it softly, she replied, "Don't worry, Myron, you'll never be alone again!!!"

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