"Julia, I must say that the table looks absolutely divine," gushed her good friend Minerva! "I second that motion," Abra rejoined enthusiastically, "I don't know how you do it, but every time I eat here it's like dining at The Rainbow Room!!!" Julia took her seat at the head of the table as her three dinner companions took theirs, that being Abra, Minerva, and last but certainly not least, Rhonda, who of course every one called Roni!!! As was their usual custom, they were all dressed up for their once a month dinner party! "So, Julia," Abra asked, "what's on the menu for this evening?!?" "Are you referring to the dinner menu or dessert," Julia replied with a laugh!?! "Either one or both," Abra retorted!!! "Well then," Julia responded, "I guess I'll answer both of your questions, for dinner it's poached salmon with almonds, and for dessert, it's, well let me show you, Mia darling, you may start bringing in the dinner!!!"

All of the eyes at the table turned to see who was coming through the kitchen door! "Oh, my," Roni gasped, "s-she's beautiful, where on earth did you find her!?!" The object of Roni's question pushed a serving cart to the edge of the table and began placing tossed salads in front of each of the diners!!! Mia continued around the table until everyone was served and then asked, "Do you need anything else, Miss Julia?!?" "Not until the main course, dear," Julia replied, "you can go into the kitchen and get everything set up!!!" "Very good, ma'am," the young girl replied, "just call if you need me!" After she had left the room, the three ladies all turned to Julia and began asking all sorts of questions all at once, until finally Julia raised her hand and said, "Hold it, one at a time, we have all evening, take it easy!!!" Minerva was the first to speak and asked, "Good lord, how old is she, she looks so young!?!" "Eighteen," she just graduated from high school," Julia shot back! "Where did you ever find her," asked Roni, "girls like her don't grow on trees!?!" "Actually, I met her at the bank, she was applying for a job and I offered her a better one," Julia replied!!! Then finally, Abra asked the evenings most pertinent question, "Is she as tasty as she looks!?!" All Julia said was, "Better!!!

After Mia had cleared away the all of the dishes, the four women retired to the library, which was windowless, and of course sound proof!!! After taking their seats in large comfortable chairs, Mia came into the room and waited next to Julia for further instructions!!! "Would any of you care to as Mia any questions," Julia asked the rest of the group?!?" "I would," Abra said quickly, "Mia, do you always wear just a bra and panties around the house?!?" "No, ma'am," she replied softly, "most of the time Miss Julia keeps me naked!" "Are you a virgin," Roni asked, "I mean with a man?!?" "No, I've had sex with boys before, but I like women better," the young girl replied softly! "What are you measurements," Minerva questioned next!?! "Um, about 34b-22-34," Mia answered quickly! "Do you always trim you pussy," asked Roni?!? "Not usually, but tonight I am wearing panties and I didn't want my hair to show," she said a matter of factly! Now very quietly Abra asked in a husky voice, "If I lifted my dress, would you orally satisfy me?!?" "Of course," the young woman said calmly, "I'd love to take you in my mouth!!!" Abra looked over to Julia who simply nodded her head in the affirmative, indicating that the young lady's mouth was hers to use as she pleased!!!

Abra stood up, and slowly lifted her dress to reveal a bare pussy framed by a while lace garter belt and stockings!!! "Come to me , dear," Abra said softly, "and take care of mama's pussy for her!!!" The bra and panty clad woman dropped to her knees and let her tongue snake out and caress the plump bulging lips of the now seated Abra's hot vagina!!! "Ohhhhhhhhhh," Abra moaned, "she has a wonderful mouth, so soft, but very insistent!!!" As was usually the case at these gatherings, when one of the woman was being satisfied, that being either orally or through intercourse, the other three always fingered and played with their own pussies!!! None of them had worn panties, because it was almost a certainty that any one or all of them would at one time or another, be lifting their skirt and showing their genitals to each other as well as whom ever the evenings visitor might be!!! Even before Abra had achieved her first orgasm, Minerva had taken off all of her clothing, so that her huge chest was ready when it was her turn to have the little minx for herself!!! There was nothing she liked better than to have a young woman nurse at her breast while one of the other three of them sucked on her hairy pussy!!! The low moan that had once filled the room had now turned into an out right groan as the tension in Abra's pussy churned furiously towards orgasm under the relentless licking by the cute eighteen year old cuntlapper!!!

With her legs splayed wide apart, Abra slumped back in her chair with a glazed look in her eyes, the direct result of the numbing climax that came courtesy of the talented mouth of Julia's new house girl!!! "Me next," Minerva fairly shouted, while holding out her arms towards the sexy young satisfier!!! Pulling Mia onto her lap, Minerva guided a nipple form he massive chest into the young girl's mouth and while caressing her cheek said softly to her, "That's a good baby, suck mama's nipple and relax, mmmmmmm, that's a good little girl, baby sucks mama's nipple so nicely!" And she did too, snuggling up to the huge breast while sucking and nipping at Minerva's hard nipple!!! Julia and Roni watched Minerva nurse the young beauty for a while until Julia asked, "Roni, do you feel a little left out?!?" "A little," she replied, "but what can we do about it!?!" "Oh, I don't know," Julia said while standing up and lifting her dress, "Maybe you'd like me to fuck you with this," as she exposed a large strapon dildo hanging menacingly between her legs!!! "Oh my, god," Roni moaned, "y-you want to fuck me with that monster!?!" "It's not a question of want, dear," Julia replied evenly, "it's only a question of when!!!" "Oh, dear," Roni groaned softly, "I-I'm afraid I'm going to cum before you shove it inside of me!!!" Now taking complete charge of the situation, Julia ordered her friend over to the sofa where she had her bend over its back and spread her legs!!! "Tell me, dear," Julia asked while lifting Roni's skirt up and throwing it onto her back, exposing her pale white ass and hairy cunt, "what do you want Julia to do for you?!?" "Oh, please," Roni panted, "fuck me, fuck me hard, please do it now!!!" "I don't know," Julia said doubtfully, "you have been a bad girl haven't you!!!" "Oh, no," Roni almost wailed, "I-I've been a very good girl, please fuck me, I've been good!!!" "Well," Julia said, "maybe just a little, should I just stick it in a little!?!" "Sweet jesus in heaven," Roni fairly shrieked, "yes, anything, just stick the fucking thing into me!!!"

"My, my," Julia replied, "we're getting a little bossy aren't we, I think that you should apologize for sassing back to me, what do you think?!?" "Y-you're right," Roni moaned, "I-I'm sorry, now please, may I please have it!?!" "Oh, I guess so," Julia answered, "but from now on you'd better talk nicely to me, understand!?!" Through gritted teeth, Roni stammered, "I-I promise to be nice, now, please, fuck me!!!" Julia moved a little closer to Roni's big fat ass, taking her time as she ran the huge head up and down the length of Roni's drooling slit!!! "T-that's it," she panted, "now give it to me hard and fast!!!" "Like this," Julia asked, while with on hard lunge she buried the rubber destroyer all the way to the hilt!?! "Oweeeeeeeeeeee," Roni screamed as her cunt was split wide apart by the gigantic invader, "it hurts so fucking gooooooooooood, oh, my, you fucking are tearing my pussy to shreds!!!" From over in the corner, Abra was taking in all of the action, and calmly masturbating at the same time, but now, seeing her friend getting her cunt assaulted by the brutally long and thick dildo, she was now furiously fingering her wet cunt towards another hard climax!!! Over in the big easy chair, Minerva had slipped one finger into her own pussy, as well as one from her other hand into Mia's tight little snatch, while drool ran out of the corner of her mouth as she watched Julia fucking Roni's fat cunt!!! Soon the room was filled with the moans and sighs of women as their pussies and clits were satisfied by fingers and dildos!!! By now Julia was slamming the thick rubber cudgel into Roni's cunt, which had long since stopped trying to fight the massive intruder, as it found it was impossible to put up in resistance against such a incredible foe!!!

With orgasms quickly approaching, a panting Julia asked Roni, "And what are we thankful for, slut, tell me, right now!!!" "Ohhhhhhhh, goddddddd," she moaned, "t-that we're female, it feels so fucking good to just be taken hard and fucked, owwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm cumming!!!" That did it for everyone in the room, hearing Roni losing it was like a trigger in the clits of the rest of them, and almost simultaneously, each and every one of them felt their cunts giving it up at the same instant!!!"

"These dinner parties are gonna be the death of me," Minerva sighed as Mia continued sucking her nipple even through her own orgasm!!! "Oh, man," Roni moaned softly, "I-I'm not sure I can walk, you fucked the living shit out of me!!!" Over in the corner Abra was cupping her boobs and asked with a chuckle, "Hey Julia, what's for dessert!?!" "You just had it babe," Julia replied, "you just had it!!!"

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