"Oh, mom," Hillary moaned, "I think Tommy only likes me because of my boobs, I wish that just once a guy would pay attention to me for me!!!" Carol Higgins came up behind her daughter and gave her a hug and said, "Now listen to me, Hillary, you're darn lucky to have such a large and pretty chest, most girls would give their eye teeth to be in your position, so stop complaining and give thanks for your good fortune!!!" "Hillary leaned back into her mom and replied, "I don't mean to complain, mom, but when you were my age didn't you have problems with guys always wanting to get inside your bra!?!" "Mmmmmm, yes," Carol replied, "when I was eighteen every boy in my senior class wanted to take me out!!!" "Weren't you disgusted with them," Hillary asked incredulously!?! "No, I wasn't," her mom replied, "I always felt that it was better to be wanted than not, so I took it as a compliment and just rolled with the punches!!! "But mom," she fairly wailed, "just look at them, they're huge, I'm already a 36dd!!!" Hillary's naked chest shook as she talked, and Carol Higgins had to admit that they were indeed incredibly large for a girl of her daughter's age, but that was the hand she was dealt, and she'd just have to deal with it!!!

"Oh, there's the doorbell," Hillary said, "that must be Tommy, can you please go down and tell him I'll be ready in a few minutes!?!" "Sure, honey," her mom replied after kissing her on the top of the head, "but hurry up, you don't want to keep the tit hound waiting!!!" Hillary rolled her eyes at her mother's little joke, while slipping on her bra on and adjusting her breasts into the low cut cups, and then saying under her breath, "They do look sexy, I just hope that idiot Tommy can really appreciate them!!!" Down stairs, Carol Higgins invited Tommy into the house and said, "Hillary will be down in a few minutes, Tommy, so please have a seat!!!" "Thank you, Mrs. Higgins," Tommy replied, while staring at her boobs, "no problem!!!" Seeing as how he was even ogling her chest, Carol decided to comment, "Tommy, you have to be more considerate of Hillary's feelings, she thinks that the only reason you're dating her is to get your hands on her breasts, and I have to admit that after the way I saw you looking at me, she may just be right!!!" "Oh no, Mrs. Higgins," he answered quickly, "that's just not true, I really do like your daughter, it's just that, well, I have to admit that I do love her chest, but I can't help myself!!!" Seeing his contriteness, she softened her voice and replied, "I understand how you feel, Hillary does have very pretty breasts, but please try to show some interest in something other than her boobs, do you think you can do that for me!?!" "I'll do my best, ma'am," he replied, "I surely will!!!"

Tommy and Hillary rode in silence for the first few miles, both of them seemingly lost in thought, until Tommy began, "Uh, Hills, I've been thinkin', maybe I haven't paid enough attention to you as a person, and well uh, I just want you to know that I'm sorry and I'm gonna try an do better!!!" Shaking her head slowly up and down, she replied slowly, "Well, I appreciate that Tommy, I really do, but I've been doing some thinking too, and I want you to know that when you show so much interest in my breasts that it is really a very sweet form of flattery, and I am sorry I that haven't been more attentive to your needs!!!" They rode some more in silence, and then almost apologetically Tommy offered, "I really don't want to go to the dance, and if you're willing, I have a better idea!!!

They were stopped on a deserted dirt road while the only light inside the car's interior came from the glow from the instrument panel on the dash board! Tommy watched in the pale light as Hillary slipped off her sweater, exposing her bra encased chest to his hungry eyes!!! "Oh, god," he moaned, "I can't help it, baby, I just can't get enough of you, please don't be disappointed in me!!!" With a smile, she sloped her shoulders forward, and while shucking her bra replied softly, "I'm not disappointed, dear, do you really love my breasts, they feel so heavy and full in my hands!?!" "Jesus, Hills," he panted, "you're gonna kill me if you keep teasing me like this!!!" "I'll take that as a yes," she said playfully, "mama explained to me about boys and how they just can't help being like they are, so I decided to turn over a new leaf and just go with the flow!!!" He was visibly shaken while staring at her beautiful bosom, and when Hillary took one of her own nipples into her mouth, she thought the poor lad was going to have a conniption!!! "P-please, baby," he gasped, "please let me have one, I'll do anything just let me have a nipple to suck on!!!"

She let the nipple slip from her mouth and bounce back down to her belly, and with a gleam in her eye asked, "Tommy, do you know anything about bras, I mean about their sizes and such!?!" His mouth now being so dry, he had trouble answering, but he stammered, "Uh, A, B, and C, is that what you mean!?!" "Precisely," she replied sweetly, "do you know what size bra I wear, Tommy!?!" "No, I don't," he said through gritted teeth, "why, is it important I know!?!" "Of course it is, you silly boy," she said in her best baby voice, "I think a man should know exactly what size breasts he is sucking, don't you agree!?!" "Oh god, Hills," he moaned even louder, "please let me play with them, I really need it bad!!!" "You're ignoring my question, Tommy," she said gaily, "now, don't you think a man should know what size breasts his woman has!?!" "Okay," he rejoined, "anything you say, just let me have them, all right!!!" Ignoring his petitions, she cupped her boobs, looked him in the eye, and replied very softly, "They're 36dd, don't you think that's pretty big, I do, cuz they feel real heavy, would you like to feel how heavy they are!?!" "Oh yes," he said while reaching for her magnificent tit flesh, "let me please!!!"

"Take it easy," she said softly, "they aren't beach balls ya know, that's my flesh and blood there, baby!!!" After feeling them up, Tommy looked pleadingly into her eyes and begged, "Please may I suck on them, I can't help it, but I have this uncontrollable urge to have you in my mouth!!!" Seeing that he was on the verge of a break down if he did get her nipples into his mouth pretty soon, she finally relented and guided his mouth to one of her huge distended nipples, where upon he sucked on her like she was the last woman on earth!!! While he was suckling on her, Hillary cradled his head in her lap and let the world float by on the strength of Tommy's incredible tongue!!! After a while she said softly, "Baby, do you have an erection, cuz mama's vagina is really ready for a good fucking, do you think you can do that for me!?!" That was like asking a starving man if he'd like a steak dinner, and immediately he popped up out of her lap and peeled off his pants and shorts!!! "Oh my, Tommy," she gasped, "I never realized what a nice penis you have, you must have to masturbate quite a lot to keep it satisfied!!!" "At least twice a day," he panted, "and when I do, I always think about your big tits or fat butt!!!" "Why, Tommy," she said smoothly, "that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, and do you know what, I'm really getting wet just talking about sex, that's just plain crazy isn't it!?!" "Oh, no," he replied while fisting his thick member, "I always get hard when talking about sex, so I guess when a woman gets wet, that's about the same thing isn't it!?!" After thinking abut that for a second, Hillary cocked her head to the side and replied, "You know what, Tommy, I think that you're right, for a woman, getting wet is the equivalent of a man getting a hardon, that's a very good observation, that's definitely very good!!!"

"Tommy," Hillary asked quietly, "I have an idea, how about I sit on your big cock and let you suck my nipples at the same time, it would be like killing two birds with one stone, if you're willing, I could just straddle your lap and let your pecker ease into my pussy!!!" "Oh god," he moaned, "p-please hurry, I'm about ready to shoot my load!!!" "Well then," she replied, "I guess I'd better get my soft bottom up and over you cock, wouldn't you agree!?!" "You're driving me crazy," he gasped, "hurry up, please, don't talk, just do it!!!" "My, my," she said sweetly while throwing her leg over his lap, "we are in a hurry aren't we, now be a good boy and put your big hard penis into my tight little pussy!!!" "Oh, Tommy," she sighed as she let her cunt collapse around his thick member, "you have a very nice erection, now be a good boy and suck my nipples for me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you seem to know just what I need, a ice hard penis for my vagina, and a very insistent mouth on my nipples!!!" And it was just what she needed, after all those months of fending off his advances, it felt more than just good to give in to her carnal desires and let the young man do what he does best, and that's getting hard and fucking her for all he was worth!!!

While Tommy nursed on her big boobs, Hillary rocked back and forth on his big cock, which just naturally induced a series of very hard climaxes in her overheated pussy!!! "Oh, Tommy," she cooed, "you know just how to take care of my pussy and nipples, but I have a question for you, were you telling me the truth when you said that when you masturbate you think of my breasts and my bottom?!?" Now panting very hard, he let go of her nipple and replied, "Oh yes, I always imagined what your bra looked like and how nice it would be to see you taking it off!!!" "Mmmmmm, that sound so nice," she replied, "but what about my bottom, you said you like to think about that too!?!" "God I love your ass," he moaned, "it's so big and soft, I just love jerking my cock and thinking about rubbing my face all over it!!!" "You're such a dear," she sighed while feeding her nipple back into his mouth, "I think that we should have an orgasm together now, don't you, so be a good boy and keep my nipple in your mouth when I'm cumming, cuz it makes me feel so sexy to have you sucking it!!!" Tommy groaned into her big boob while Hillary began moving her pussy violently up and down his thick shaft, and as incredible as it seemed, he even got harder as his climax approached!!! "Oh my," she moaned, "I-I'm cumming, oh yeah, suck my nipple harder, nip it, oh yesssssssss, oh, oh, oh, god I'm fucking cumming!!!" Hearing her act like a total cunt slut was like turning on pleasure switch in his groin, and just as her climax peaked, his hut bag tightened up and his cock spasmed hard, while a gusher of cum flooded his girl friend's sopping wet vagina!!!

The two of them stayed locked in their embrace, even as Tommy's pecker slipped from Hillary's goo filled pussy!!! She kissed him softly on the mouth and whispered, "Mama was right, you're just a man who can't help himself," and after giving him another kiss she said, "and thank god for that!!!

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